Sebastian Kretschmer

Biodynamic farmer, lecturer and adviser


As an organic agriculturalist, educator for sustainable development and food systems expert Sebastian is committed to help build regenerative foodsheds and equitable value chains for maximum SDG performance. As a biodynamic farmer, lecturer and adviser to corporations and international aid organizations Sebastian has designed and implemented programs aimed at fostering food sovereignty and to grow the next generation of organic farmers. Projects from 2004 through 2018 include the Northeast Mentor Network and Biodynamic Apprentice Program with the New England Small Farm Institute, his Community Supported Agriculture Farm at Camphill Village in Pennsylvania, the Ethical Rainforest Supply Chain Project  with Estée Lauder, engaging with indigenous communities in Brazil and Honduras as well as the Organic Orchard/Prison Inmate Reentry Program with the City of Philadelphia and Temple University. Throughout the last few years, as a founding member of the Organic Food System Program and the UN One Planet Network Sebastian used his recently completed PhD project at the University of Kassel, Germany to develop essential variables for food system transition pathways. A central focus of his work is to leverage the capacity of farmers and food processors through the formation of Food Hubs, which Sebastian believes can drive the mechanics of public procurement as well as B2C and B2B value chains within territorial food systems. As a global citizen Sebastian is passionate about big ideas, deep sustainability and a systems approach for everything. Privately he enjoys swimming in lakes, taking hot saunas and engaging in philosophy.

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