Menu B

BY Marc Buckley

After 12,000 plus years of agriculture, farming, and agrarian societies humanity has turned food into a major cause of suffering. Too often negatively impacting health and nutrition, creating hunger, malnutrition, and environmental destruction, broken food systems have taken humanity to the brink of disaster.

Menu B thinking and actions are how we fast-track the transition and ensure the delivery of all 17 SDGs.

Marc BuckleyFounder, Lead author & Editor

When we Cheapen Food, We Cheapen Life! 

Vision statement

Adopting sustainable production habits and food choices is how we ensure that what we eat becomes a solution to the most pressing Global Grand Challenges. The destiny of all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals depends on what future of food becomes.

Menu B is a global communication community where citizens, policy makers and business leaders can share ideas with each other and connect with actionable steps that will help spearhead a food revolution.

Progress is possible because food binds us together and breaks down barriers. It is a language we all love to speak. In our upcoming book, Menu B: people and planet-saving solutions, we reflect this unifying cultural bond, in all its glorious diversity, by bringing together an inspiring range of passionate voices: food experts, sustainable innovators, social entrepreneurs, authors, farmers, food producers, chefs, activists, and consumers. All of them on a mission to achieve global food reform. Because they understand it is a vital component in the development of any sustainable silver bullet powerful enough to ease human suffering, improve health, and get us back into the safe operating space of our planetary boundaries.

This means transitioning to circular food systems rich in biodiversity, using sustainable innovations in all production practices, healing our earths biome through healthy air, oceans, and soils, growing plant species that put an immediate end to endangerment and extinction, while being respectful of, and learning from, Indigenous peoples.

Menu B thinking and actions are how we fast-track the transition and ensure the delivery of all 17 SDGs.

We have been handed the last chance to change the course of human history. What an opportunity.

Marc Buckley