prof. Franco Fassio


Franco Fassio is a Systemic Food Designer, Associate Professor at the University of Gastronomic Science of Pollenzo, Delegate for University Sustainability Policies and to Relations with Partners and Companies, Co-director Specializing Master in Design For Food (UNISG / Design Polytechnic of Milan), Executive Director UNISG’s Sustainability and circular economy laboratory, full member of the permanent Design ADI Observatory (Food Design), Scientific Director of the Systemic Event Design project for Slow Food (

PhD in Design Culture (Polytechnic of Turin), he is Professor of Systemic Design, EcoDesign, Circular Economy for Food, Gastronomic Design Science, Food Packaging, Company Creation, Designing Sustainability in the Undergraduate Degree in Gastronomic Sciences and Cultures, Graduate Degree Food Innovation & Management, several Master programs as the Master in Food Culture, Communication & Marketing, Master in Agroecology and Food Sovereignty, Master in Design for Food.

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