Peggy Chan

Chef, consultant


In 2012, Peggy Chan opened Grassroots Pantry (GP) in Hong Kong with a mission to raise awareness of the inequities in our food system and to share knowledge on the benefits of whole food plant-based cuisine. In 2019, GP’s first sustainability report was recognized by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ESCAP as a best practice case study on sustainable sourcing and responsible management.

In 2020, Peggy developed Grassroots Initiatives Consultancy to assist foodservice professionals in their transition towards best practices that meet both human and planetary health goals.

Over the years Peggy has emerged as one of the region’s most authoritative voices on organic sourcing and systems thinking design. A thought leader and a natural do-er, Peggy works diligently with multiple global ngo networks and organizations to help shape future food policies designed to address human, social and ecological needs.

Peggy is a two time Tedx speaker, an alumni of Global Shapers Hong Kong, World Economic Forum and a HK Environmental Excellence Awardee in the service sector.

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