Mark Brand

Entrepreneur, Chef, Professor of Innovation


Mark is one of North America’s foremost social entrepreneurs. With eleven businesses under his belt, he exemplifies a new form of leadership that encompasses good in every step. Brand is determined to breathe new life into our struggling and disjointed communities through his advocacy, convenings &  social impact business models.

Along with overseeing the 5 organisations under MB Inc, Brand leads his A Better Life Foundation in Canada, the United States and Mexico and is a Stanford fellow, Professor of Innovation and Design Thinking, and has served as executive chef for the American Refugee Committee and Pope Francis’s Climate Challenge. As a certified Integral Facilitator & Mediator, he helps to unstick groups facing deep challenges through design.

At the center of all of this work is  helping us see ways to help each other in meaningful and long lasting ways with the theory, there is no US & THEM, only US.