Karlee Schnyder

Director, Real Food Systems


Karlee Schnyder has a broad background in the environmental field.  Her work in California (Social Ecology/Environmental Analysis, University of California at Irvine) in land planning and environmental mediation forms her systems-thinking perspective.  She became immersed in climate via the Climate Reality Project’s Leadership training (Al Gore NGO), followed by various activities in climate (Drawdown.org), ocean plastic pollution awareness, soils advocacy (Kiss the Ground.org) and other organisations.  She currently serves as Director of Real Food Systems.org, (RFS), an initiative based in Geneva, Switzerland, created to ignite public awareness, individual behaviour change and policy reform in food systems. RFS is structured to especially empower youth in food systems transformation via the RFS Youth Ambassador Program.  Karlee also serves as Food Systems Lead at Climate-Sustainability.org.  She lives with her family and dog in the Lake of Geneva area, and loves water activities, especially open-water swimming and stand-up paddling.