Julien Roberge

Dots connector, Solution builder, Engineer


Julien is a professional engineer and sustainability consultant with 15+ years of experience. He has worked in energy, ecotourism systems, resources management, and sustainability planning. A lifelong autodidact and systems thinker, he realised early on that his traditional studies were not sufficient to tackle foundational problems like the transition to circular and regenerative economies.

In 2011, he began his own professional transformation into sustainability engineering and consulting with the Canadian International Development Agency working in Nicaragua and Honduras. Alongside local communities, Julien deployed appropriate technology and energy systems. This experience led to pursuing two Permaculture Design Certificates in different parts of the world to expand understanding of ecological systems in distinct economic and cultural contexts. These experiences culminated in a drive to empower small scale producers and communities.

He is now fully devoted to the development of Resyn.io with his co-founder Akarsh Kumar. Resyn was born out of the need to accelerate the propagation of empowering and appropriate principles for resilience.

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