Charles Michel

Food Educator, Researcher, & Activist


Working at the intersection of science, art, philosophy, community and entrepreneurship, Charles Michel is a Food Educator and Activist who aims to inspire solutions for urgent global challenges.

Dubbed one of the top chefs in the world, Charles starred in The Final Table on Netflix and subsequently gained a large following as a result of his conscious eating mission. He works as an experience designer in a variety of fields, as an artist using food and the meal ritual as media, and as a consultant in regenerative practices for high-level organizations and companies. In recent years, he has worked on cutting-edge projects in community building, food innovation, regenerative hospitality, and experiential art. 


In his years at Oxford University’s department of experimental psychology, Charles published over a dozen articles in scientific journals on crossmodal perception and multisensory aesthetics. Most recently, he co-edited a special issue on Gastrophysics in the International Journal of Food Design.